Carbon Dioxide

Depressing news….. CO2 is over 400 parts per million. I remember barely 5 or so years ago there was a campaign to keep it at 390. The damage is done, once into the atmosphere it stays there, it will never be below 400 in our lifetime or any of our children’s. Sometimes for all the joy I can find in life and the world, our disregard for the planet really gets me down.

BBC article here (actually the article says it will temporarily fall below 400 as it continues upwards to who knows where).

The Guardian article here.


For the love of vinyl

Recycled, preloved, secondhand… whatever you want to call it, we all love to find a bargain. Especially a used bargain! A recent BBC article reminded me how great it is to hear new music, and since I was in a good mood, partly because someone actually asked to share my table this morning while I coffeed in Small World, I sauntered over to Princeton Record Exchange.

I wasn’t in the mood to spend much, and since they have finally installed a new carpet in the place (I was never happy with what lifeforms, bacteria and general yucky stuff could be lurky in that old carpet), I decided to hunt through the bargain bins that rest on the floor underneath the regular display cabinets.

After a few near misses (Evita on Broadway, Isaac Hayes – And Once Again, something suspect by Emerson Lake Palmer) I pulled out a gem. A real gem. Prince – 1999, double vinyl and best of all $2.


I took it to the desk whereby the guy there looked shocked, started shaking his head and said “wow, I can’t believe this is in that rack”. He asked me if I didn’t mind him checking if it wasn’t a mistake, I said no of course not (actually I did mind in case he wasn’t going to let me have it for $2!)

Well he disappeared into the back for a minute, leaving me wondering…… then came back and said it was ok, but these double LPs don’t turn up very often so he was surprised. I said, what is it massively scratched or something? He said, well it is “a bit dinged up.”

Well I guess you can’t go wrong for $2, but I was a bit apprehensive maybe you get what you pay for. On closer inspection back home, it does indeed have a scratch or three and a deep looking one on at the start of side two in particular. But……. I joyfully played it from start to finish, sides one to four, and aside from the occasional (and let’s face it reassuring pop which is why we still love vinyl) it plays just fine.

You know, I am going to party like it’s 1999.

Solving the energy crisis

We can hope that one day it comes true, here is an interesting possibility:

Artificial Energy Leaf

You know, you always have the idea that if we did find a solution to the energy needs of the world, it would come out of somewhere weird like this.

Solar Drying

Spring is upon us. In fact a sunny day with a nice breeze. It’s the first outside drying day of the year!


Not only that, thanks to the crime my next door neighbour has committed, there is even more light in our back garden. I have to be a bit careful, I can sense the pollen count rising, so I decided to bring the bedcovers back in and dry them indoors.


Cutting down trees

I didn’t want to post too soon as I wanted to calm down a little! My next door neighbour had a tree down as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Worse luck for him, it landed on his roof. It wasn’t exactly a crushing blow, a bit of roof damage, a broken skylight and some gutter repair work required.

So….. imagine my shock when last week I saw he had had all his big trees cut down! 8-10 to of them. I was (and still am) livid, and not because he has left the one tree that is likely to fall on our house. I can’t believe it wasn’t illegal to hack down all these wonderful trees (it would be in the UK I am certain). My neighbour across the road, tells me you only need a permit in Princeton if the tree is over 4ft across at the base. Well I haven’t been over to measure, but I would like to.

I thought I would cut them a little slack and find out why they cut the trees down, you know find out if they had a good reason rather than jump to conclusions. They told me, as the insurance was so difficult to sort out, they didn’t want it to happen again! I am appalled. So on that basis should every tree near a home in Princeton be hacked down as well? As far as I am concerned we are all custodians of the environment, and none more or so than our immediate environment. Those trees had stood there for decades if not centuries before my neighbours moved in and they should have still had been there when they left. It’s bad enough when developers move in, tear down old properties,  flatten the landscape and build a new home. Our neighbourhood has suffered enough from this without the existing residents hacking down the trees.

Very disappointed and angry.

International Women’s Day

Yes it’s that once a year day again! I can’t add much to what I said last year. Women are still a million miles away from where they should be, which is sharing power and influence over a world run by men, which because of that is rapidly using up it’s resources and changing climate.


A diner sourcing locally!!

I was in South Jersey on Saturday night and decided to pass by the Vincentown diner having been recommended it by some friends. The Diner is no ordinary, run of the mill diner. I had been told about it because this diner sources locally and serves organic! Being a Saturday night the place was buzzing, it’s always a good sign if you have to wait for a table (as long as it’s not too long).


Not only do they source locally where they can, they also have local (as in PA and NJ) wines and a selection of local craft beers! The place is amazing. It’s got all the usual stuff you would expect of a diner, like burgers, sandwiches, salads, smoothies alongside some interesting specials. I had the Salmon Wellington from the specials, which was way more than I could eat along with a sampler selection of  beers which I managed to finish 😉 . I mostly eat vegetarian, but it was a good job I still eat fish, because I don’t think there were any vegetarian dishes apart from starters on the menu.

It just proves that every restaurant should be able to source locally if they want to, helping the local economy and saving on transport. Check it out!